About Us

Welcome to Jewel Rugs

 For five generations, our family has specialized in antique and vintage handmade rugs. We are proud of our unique selection, our dedication to customer satisfaction, and our affordable prices. 

 Our large collection features thousands of rugs spanning many origins and styles. Much time and effort is spent in acquiring beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces to enhance any home or collection. We appreciate your business with us.  

Our History

The roots of our family's involvement in rugs and antiques traces back to the 1880s in Persia. During that time, demand for exotic imports of the Orient increased enormously in the West, with rugs quickly becoming a sought after article for the respectable home.

 In the 1930s, our family established its headquarters in the historical Grand Bazaar of Tehran, and shortly thereafter opened a second showroom on Ferdowsi Avenue, located in the heart of Tehran’s financial and retail district. Due to our family's well respected reputation and expertise, we sold merchandise to foreign diplomats and high ranking government officials, and exported many fine rugs to Switzerland, France, Belgium and other European countries.

 In the late 1970s, our family relocated to New York, where we continued the business in Manhattan, focusing primarily on selling wholesale to other retailers.

 In 2010, we began selling online on eBay, allowing us to sell fine carpets at more affordable, wholesale prices without any middlemen, giving more Americans the opportunity to become collectors and owners of fine handmade carpets.

 In 2020 we began our Etsy store and our website, which brings our 140+ years of experience in the rug business back full circle.

1st Generation
During the second half of the 19th century, demand for luxury items of the Orient, particularly carpets, began to increase in Europe.  During this time, Yekutiel began selling rugs and antiques.
2nd Generation
As demand for Oriental carpets continued to increase,  Ezra opened up two showrooms in Tehran in the 1930s - first in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran and shortly thereafter on Ferdowsi Avenue, located in the heart of Tehran's retail district.
3rd Generation
Aziz continued to expand the business in Tehran, developing relationships with many foreign diplomats and high ranking government officials, who were on the lookout for fine carpets.

Political unrest in the late 1970s in the Middle East led to large levels of emigration to the United States. Aziz continued to be involved with rugs while in America. See photo to the left, dated February 28, 1991, taken in our store in Manhattan, NY.

4th Generation
Leon led the involvement with the rug business in the United States, opening a store in Manhattan, NY. At first the business focused primarily on selling wholesale to other retailers.  In 2010, the business first began selling online.
5th Generation
In 2020, Jon expanded the business after graduating from Princeton University, focusing on growing the online presence of the company.  




Happy Customer
Jon promptly answered all of my questions and sent additional photos, so in love with this rug!


Happy Customer
I absolutely LOVE my new rug. Shipping was extremely fast and rug was packaged with care. The colors are vibrant and the rug colors are exactly like the photo the store owner provided. The rug is very clean and has no flaws at all and even smells nice. I am very happy with my purchase and intend to buy another rug for my home. Thank you for a fantastic rug!


Happy Customer
My rug is more beautiful than the picture. It is clean with no scent. It came so quickly. What a wonderful surprise. All communication with Jon was delightful. He always responded very quickly.


Happy Customer
It's gorgeous!!